WordPress Reviews Plugin Sneak Peek

I am so excited to show you a sneak peak of the new plugin that I will be releasing soon to all members of AuthorhReview.com site. The new plugin introduces author/visitor reviews and rating to WordPress sites, allowing you to build an amazing product and affiliate reviews site. Building such site just became more easier.

Say hi to the new…

WordPress Reviews plugin

As you may know, the Author hReview plugin was created with the “editor or author of the review” in mind, so this means the author review the product and set a meaningful rating for it based on her/his personal experience or point of view. So, at this time there is no interaction by visitors or readers of the review rather than adding a comment.

In the new WordPress Reviews plugin, I’ve adopted all Author hReview functionality, and added an extra layer of possibilities.

I will introduce (author + visitors) reviews and rating, which means authors can write a review (or maybe introduce a product on the site), and visitors can submit their reviews and also rate the product based on their own experience and knowledge of that particular product.

The site admin (You) have the choice to select which rating -or average of ratings- to introduce to search engine (author rating or visitor rating), the WordPress Reviews plugin will make the required Rich Snippets available to search engines. So you have control over it based on the plugin settings, and/or -of course- per review settings.

User Review Settings

I had to add a new section to in the plugin main settings page to control user/visitor ratings, and other options.

WordPress Reviews plugin, user rating settings

New Rating Box

As you can see below, this is how the new rating box looks like:

WordPress Reviews plugin rating box

I put together this functionality in a separate plugin, I call it the WordPress Reviews plugin, this to make it possible for members who don’t plan to use this functionality to just keep using the Author hReview plugin, and practically they can switch between any of the two plugins any time, and keep maintain review data. (And, yes.. if you are wondering, it works on Custom Post Types).

Your thoughts!

Let me know what you think, what features you want to see in the beta release.


    • Hi Rob, the plugin adds a rating field to the default WordPress comment system, so basically it works on WordPress comment system (it’s required for the plugin to work), it doesn’t replace it.

  1. Sounds like a cool plugin buddy, and just on its own, users can actually create a review site on its entirety. That’s awesome. Have a question though. You mentioned above that the snippet source will be submitted to Google via the plugin. What if I have an SEO plugin and use the “description” area of it? So which one will be used? Will WP Reviews override the SEO plugin settings? For now, that’s all I can think of ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey DiTesco, I’ve noticed that some of my reviews at FamousBloggers.net gets a lot of interesting point of views, which is different than my point of view, so I would (in some cases) enable visitors reviews.

      The description meta tag is different than the review desecration/summary. So, there should be no issues with any SEO plugin. In fact, you will need to have both details on your review.

      So, the answer is, no. The plugin won’t override any SEO plugin settings.

  2. Hey Hesham, this looks great mate.

    Can’t wait to see this in action, I’d be keen to give it a run on a review website. Can I import all the rich snippet info from posts that I’ve used the Author hReviews plugin with? Would make the change over a lot easier.


    • Hey Josh,

      Yeah, me too,

      Both plugins share the same custom fields, so this means you can just switch from Author hReview to WordPress Reviews plugin any time.

      Once you export posts to another site, it should have review details saved in each review post, so if the plugin is enabled on the new site, it should work fine! (hopefully).

      I am working on a demo site, it’s probably the only way to show how the plugin works ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Hesham,

    Kudos for this new WP Reviews plugin and its extra layer!

    Very interesting approach to give it a better engage to the reviews, not only from the author’s point of view. In that way you see the 2 sides of the coin, as the author and as a visitor.

    If I understand correctly, a visitor can rate a product together with the author review, right?
    Because if the visitor can rate, and perhaps also can add an extra comment why is an up or down, then it should be necessary to have some control to avoid spammers via the plugin.



    • Hey Gera,

      Yes, and this should result to more honest and helpful reviews, which should make your site more beneficial for buyers, help them make a better purchase decision.

      You then can decide which rating to use, the author rating, or an average of visitors ratings.

      You can also give only registered users (those who signup to your WordPress site) the right to rate a product.

      So, both ratings will show on the site, but only one author/visitor rating will be delivered to search engines via the review rich snippets. I hope this makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

      Spammers are everywhere, and probably there will be someone who try to hijack your review in a way or another, but the WordPress Reviews plugin do not deal with spam this at anyway, the whole spam protection job should be done by other plugins as usual.

      I hope this answers your questions, and glad to answer any other question you have in mind.

      Thanks Gera.

      • Hi Hesham,

        Understood. Visitors can rate products if they are registered WP users.

        One thing, what happens when the author of the blog wants a visitor rating but he doesnโ€™t want anyone to register to his blog, for security reasons or other motives?

        Perhaps, also other option possible it could be to signup via your Twitter or Facebook account. Just an idea ๐Ÿ™‚

        All the best,


        • The plugin will give you both options:

          1- Registered users only.
          2- Anyone can rate (anyone who visit the site), so no need to registration.

          So, you means something like “Tweet to Rate”, this could work. What I will do is to collect all ideas, and filter them to see which features to add. Thanks a lot Gera, I appreciate your support.

  4. A great step, this will surly improve rating system and great for product review sites.

    It will be great if you can give user rating option with comment. Means commenting will be compulsory for rating. (Optional setting from admin panel) This will help to create a good review site.

  5. Sounds interesting bro. 2 weeks ago I purchased the #1 coupon management “clipper themes” for my 2 review sites, but now I am regretting if you would release the products 2 weeks before and I would use it!
    Because the way Clipper theme create the post and structure them under stores, they do not get rank and PR so easily. I checked this with couple of sites using clipper.
    Now I am re-thinking the possibility to organize my site with your cool plugin.

    • Hi Taswir, I see what you mean, but I am not sure if your site meant to be a coupon site on the first place (not a review site).

      Anyways, if what you want to build is a product review site, then this plugin is for you.

  6. Hesham,

    Will there be an option to remove the rating on some comments. Cause in many cases the user might just add a line like ” wow great product” and may actually rate it. I would want to avoid such rating and allow ratings from users that have added good content / review.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Gogi, since user reviews depends on the WordPress commenting system, user rating is stored in comment meta, so removing the comment will remove the rating (if presented). So, this is one way to manage reviews, simply delete the comment!

      Now, the other scenario, I’ve made a quick way to edit user rating, this can be done easily by simply editing the comments, and find the rating meta field value.

      That’s why the plugin has an “Update User review” button in the settings page, this button is what you should click after manually deleting or editing user rating.

  7. Hey Hesham
    You have taken this plugin to a whole new level and have added the most requisite feature of taking reviews from users..Very handy.. Great work mate!

    • Hey Harsh,

      My plan is to help those who wants to build a complete product review site, or have a section for reviews on an already established site.

      So, let’s see how it goes my friend, and thanks for stopping by.

    • Hey Sandy,

      Thanks for stopping by, working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

      P.S. I like how the amazon popup when you hover on the More Details button, cool.

    • Hi Blake,

      The criteria fields has been added for author (not for user). Also, it doesn’t reflect in the review snippets ( it’s just for display, not effecting the rating, and there is no average calculated).

      I am forced to keep it simple, especially at the beginning, then see what’s gonna happen as there are really cool things we can do with this plugin, just not sure which is the best.

      Oh… well.. it’s coming ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

  8. I am starting to use more guest authors and would like to see a simple way to add them with a full author bio without having to create a new user. I am currently using bylines but it is only a partial answer.

    • Bob, the review markup require author name, the plugin grab it from author account (this is why you must crease a new user for each author on your site), which is the best way I can think of.

      What I will do is, to allow override the review “author name”, but I won’t touch the Bio area as it’s not required.

      P.S. I will update the Author hReview plugin after the WordPress Reviews plugin is released. This will probably be in a week or two.

    • Hi Wil,

      I am done with the plugin, and it’s ready for beta testing, I will be releasing it hopefully at the beginning of June, this is about 10 days from today.

  9. Can’t wait to see it in action. I am building a review website based on wordpress and user review & rating is a must for my website. I have tried many plugins and themes and none of them work the way I want to.

  10. I like the plugin very much. but one thing I want to know from you is can I turn off editors rating,? I mean allowing only users to rate and review the product.
    if it is not possible I’m requesting you to please add the feature.

    • Hi Kumar,

      No, at this point, the system recognize reviews if Author adds review details. But, this is included in my to do for next updates, however I am not sure when it will be ready as it will take a lot of work and coding to change how the system works.

      Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

  11. I’m gng to start a tech blog, I want this wpreviews plugin to look/work like this website reviews by users, http://www.phonearena.com/phones/HTC-One_id7678/reviews . So I’m asking you that feature.
    And one more thing , is it possible to show review criteria for every user review?
    If you can add the above two features i think it will become a full featured review plugin in the market.

    • I think you should hire a developer to custom code this for you, I don’t think this will be part of the plugin any time soon as I am working first on solving problems and provide support for my members (not really on adding new functionality for future members).

      Thank you for pointing me out to this, I consider every single recommendation, but not every feature can be included in the plugin, it must add value for all members, not made to serve only one person. I hope you understand.

  12. Looks like a great plugin Hesham!

    I am wondering if you have provided template tags/functions that enable the designer to show:

    a) a list of posts (in any category/tag), sortable by ascending/descending ratings.
    b) a registered user’s past “reviews”/comments on a user’s front-end profile page.

    I will be creating a review website and integrating a front-end user plugin in order to give members a front-end dashboard where they can edit their profile, change password, view all their reviews in one place, etc. Also I want to be able to display “top rated” list widgets for any category/tag in sidebars, footers, homepage, etc.

    Will this be possible with your plugin?

    Many thanks in advance!

    – Colin

    • Hi Colin,

      a) There is already widgets/shortcodes to list reviews in different ways. (for example: recent/top rated), also works with custom post types and categories.

      b) For the registered userโ€™s past โ€œreviewsโ€ to show on the front page in his/her profile, this is a good idea, but not implemented in the plugin.

      Anyways (b) is a good idea, if it’s about display reviews only, then I can create a function or a shortcode that you can use. The challenge will be in allowing registered users to edit their past reviews.

      I will add it to my to do list (however, I already have a huge list, so I won’t have any estimate time for new features).

      Thanks for your recommendation, I really appreciate it.

      • Awesome. Thanks for considering my suggestion. And thanks for letting me know about the shortcode for displaying highest rated posts. I found the other more recent blog post you wrote that talked about that feature. Looks great.

        Also, since you are utilizing the WP comments loop for this plugin’s functionality, I may be able to find a separate plugin that would allow registered, logged-in users to view all their past comments in one place. I’m sure that must be possible using the get_comments() function with the user_id parameter. I may just try it myself.



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