Introducing the WPRS Rich Snippets User Reviews Image Add-on

I’ve got a request from one of our members last week asking if it’s possible to allow users to upload an image and attach it to their review. He actually have a unique idea for his food related website.

This turned to be a good idea for a new add-on. The User Review Image add-on for WP Rich Snippets plugin dose this job perfectly.

The add-on adds a new field to the review form where users submit their reviews so they can attache an image.

Here is what you get:

User reviews image field


  1. Another great idea and implementation Hesham. Thank you for responding to your customers needs so swiftly and well.

    I am developing a slight concern though that smaller improvements to the plugin, like this one appears to be, will not be rolled out as updates but will be offered as add-ons. This could get very expensive over time as you continue to develop this new product. Hopefully the base product will obtain new features as updates going forward instead of requiring additional payments to obtain new capabilities.

    We’re a new customer, and in the middle of adding the plugin to our site. Hence, we haven’t quite determined yet what additional capabilities (add-ons) we will need. I’m glad though that you offer an option to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan. That will likely be the best path for us as we continue to work through how best to meet our customer’s needs with the plugin and its growing family of add-ons.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I see what you mean, but let me try to explain…

      Members keep asking me for more specific features that they want to have on their websites, which mostly won’t fit everyone else. It doesn’t make sense to release a new feature in the plugin’s core if it won’t be useful to everyone.

      I’ve got many custom coding requests for specific features, this could be costy compared to purchase an add-on.

      So, based on my 2 years of experience working on this project, I can’t see a better way than releasing premium add-ons for new features and charge a little for it.

      At this point, the total cost of getting everything is $199 (for unlimited license), which seems to be reasonable cost or building a review website packed of features compared to hiring a developer to get your own custom coding done.

      I hope this explains.

  2. My apologies. I was not aware that my comment from earlier today would not be welcome here. I thought that it was very respectful and complimentary, and only touched upon a slight concern. Being unaware of your commenting policy, I thought that it would be acceptable for customers to ask questions or raise concerns…especially if they present them in a kind and thoughtful manner.

    I’m disappointed, but at least I now know not to share my thoughts in future.

    Thank you for being as understanding as you have been. We do love your work.

    • Paula, no need to apologize!

      Your comment was just help for modification mostly because it was your first comment here on the site, I’ve approved it and responded to you above.

      I always like to hear future member’s thoughts and concerns and respond to them. So, if you have any other questions; please post them here or use the contact page form to get in touch with me.

      Have a great day.

      • Thank you for being so gracious Hesham. When I returned to this page last, my first comment had disappeared (previously it had stated that it was in moderation). I had assumed from this that the comment had been rejected.

        I certainly understand your answer to my concern though, and I agree that the plugin shouldn’t be weighed down with features that only a select few will ever use. We’ll likely be upgrading our license as we move forward over the next week.

        Thank you once again!

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