WP Reviews Update: V1.1.9 with Default Repeated Criteria Fields and More

I’ve been asked several times to include this feature and I had it for long time on my to do list. Finally, the default repeated criteria fields has been added to the WordPress Reviews plugin.

I’ve added a new tab to the plugin settings page called Criteria, under this tab you will find the Default Criteria settings. You will be able to create a new set of Criteria for your reviews, and enable it on every new review on your site. Also, there is a new update button for the criteria, this button will update criteria on all reviews (all old reviews), but of course you have to deal with care when using this feature, you don’t want to lose the data your users already added to the reviews. 

Check out the documentation page for the Review Criteria.

With this repeated fields feature you can easily add default criteria fields to your reviews and safe a lot of time while writing your review details.

Are you importing reviews to your site?

The really good thing about the default criteria fields it how useful it is for those who wants to import reviews into their WordPress site. So, if you want to import reviews from a XML or CSV file, you don’t have to bother yourself with the repeated fields that most of WordPress importing plugins can’t or fail to import and deal with.

Once you import all your reviews, simply create your default set of default criteria fields in the WordPress Reviews plugin settings, and click on the Update Criteria button, and you are done!

wordpress reviews criteria plugin settings

More cool stuff are in the kitchen, so stay tuned!



    • All reviews that gets submitted by the Front-End Reviews Submission Add-on are saved as pending, it will require an editor to approve it and publish it, so you can edit it and customize it the way you like.

      I hope i understood you well.

  1. Great update Hesham, I always thought this would be a great idea. When I’m writing up reviews to look at older reviews to remember what criteria that I was using that was standard and it took forever to add it to the new ones. Now with this update, I look forward to streamlining this.

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