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Great Plugin With World Class Support
I cannot begin to tell you have happy I am with your plugin. I run a hotel/travel site and this plugin has made a real difference to my serps. Your support is prompt, friendly and efficient - long may you prosper.
David Miller - SmartHotelBooker.com

Create Reviews With Flare
I've seen this plugin develop at an extreme pace. It's hard to imagine how you managed to build this so fast, roll out new features while supporting existing customers. It's impressive to say the least! And the best part is that your plugin helps my reviews stand out and convert better.
Adam Connell - WP Superstars

Perfect solution
We do a lot of obstacle running reviews and were looking for a solution to give our readers a voice. This is exactly what we needed. We had one little problem during implementation and it got fixed right away. Great!
Dirk Schrama - Obstakels.com

An absolutely brilliant way to summarize a review. I can see this becoming the standard for review posts.
And the customer service these guys provide can't be beat!
Erica Mueller - EricaSays.com

Excellent Support
The most important thing that I should point out about Hesham is that; he never leaves you alone. He always there for you to solve the problem and help you in every single issue. I had some difficulties with the theme I am using, but ّI had no problem with the plugin itself. On the other hand, Hesham is very professional, patient, and always has a way to pass the obstacles. I highly recommend his work and would go back to him if he release new product that I need.
Mani Homa - Gooshe.net

Author hReview is Effective
Simple, easy to use and very effective at making your reviews look professional and giving clear points where a reader can purchase the product or click to learn more. The added benefit of the star rating show up on Google SERP pages is icing on the cake.
Justin Germino - Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment

The backbone of my review platform
The WP reviews plugin is the backbone of my review platform. No one has a product that offers this UI right out of the box at this price point. Hesham is absolutely crushing it.
Miguel Leman - Recoverity-Debt Advisory Marketplace

Wow, that really makes my reviews stand out!
Once I found out what this plugin does to your review pages I had to have it. After 2 days of activating and using it I was getting my rich snippets to appear in the search results. Wow, that really makes them stand out. And all without having to go in there manually and add all this code. Hesham has really put together a must have tool.
Rob Boirun - BurnWorld.com

Easy to use, increases your earnings, increases your traffic – what’s left to say? This plugin is a must.
After looking at heatmap data on my website I knew that the WP Reviews plugin could bring the attention to the above the fold area that I was looking for. With its clean layout and call to action I made my money back after two hours of installation, not to mention the increase CTR from the SERPS. Great plugin, highly recommended.
Lee Hughes - WPReviews.net

Best review plugin and good tech support
I run an entertainment review site, so obviously a good review plugin is important. I tried many of them, both free ones and premium ones, but couldn't get the system, look and layout that I wanted.

WordPress Reviews plugin is the best I've tried so far. It's not perfect either, and I would still like some modifications and options to customize in future updates (for example, I don't like the way the Pros and Cons look).

But so far it's the best by far. I'm also noticing a slight increase in the CTR for the products I review. The only thing I haven't yet figured out is how to get more visitors to leave their own review ratings for the movies and games that we review. However, this is not the plugin's fault but my own.

The snippets are also great and an added feature of the plugin, though I do wish it could also show the author's user photo along with the star rating.

Lastly, Hesham's tech support is fast (usually), efficient and very friendly. Best of all, he's able to figure out the problem and fix it in a timely fashion. I can't say the same for other plugins I've tried. As you know, it's frustrating when you can't quickly solve a problem through tech support. So far, Hesham has been able to solve all my tech problems.

For Hesham's service, I give 5 stars. For both Author hReview and Wordpress Reviews plugin, I give 4 stars. With a few adjustments, Wordpress Reviews plugin would be 5 stars as well.
Daniel J. Kim - PopMythology.com

Great plugins!
I used these plugins and they rock! Also they come with pretty awesome support and I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know!
Eugene - FeyginFoto.com

Reviews couldn’t be easier!
An beautifully designed plugin. It makes it easy for even the average joe to implement customer reviews the way they should be. Great job guys!
Aaron Watters - Leadhub

There are not enough stars to give about this plugin
Not only from the plugin itself but from Hesham himself. I had a conflict with the plugin initially and he was able to find it and resolve the issue VERY quickly.

I have dealt with many companies in the past and there were always delays. Not so here. Hesham and the "Author hReview" are truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to a high quality product with excellent support.

Thanks again Hesham! You are the man!
Buddy Shearer - BuddyShearer.com

Author hReview plugin is a MUST for any blogger who does reviews
Since practically Hesham released the Author hReview plugin, I loved it. But now, the Pro version comes with top-notch changes like half stars, allowing in pages and tons of glittering additions, giving even more, an exponential improvement on CTRs. Essential for product/service reviewers!
Gerardo Wainstein - SweetsFoods.com

What was already great, just got a “lot” better!
Hesham's new Author hReview plugin, makes your reviews stand out from the rest. Let people know about your honest reviews with flying stars, and increase your CTRs 🙂
Francisco Perez - IBlogZone.com

Amazing, love it!
Ever since day one, Author hReview plugin had my heart. With this Pro version, the plugin just made it to the top of the list of my favorite plugins, those that really work and help you make money! Amazing support and attention to details in the Pro version are just what every online entrepreneur will need!
Brankica Underwood - BrankicaUnderwood.com

Makes Your Reviews Stand Out From The Crowd
WP Reviews is an awesome plugin for making your product reviews stand out from the rest! Not only do you get Rich Snippets on your Google results, but the review sections added to your post are stylish, professional and overall helpful to the reader. It gives my review that extra POW I need to help sell products on my sites.
Ashley - Mad Lemmings

Best Review Pluggin & Customer Support on the Web!
I own a network of review sites and have had experience with many different review plugins and scripts. None have impressed me as much as the hReview Plugin. Not only does the script look great but it is extremely easy to use! Most impressive to me though is the amazingly fast support you receive with this pluggin. A+ all around.. Highly recommended!
Jonathan Burdon - BestWebHostingGeek.com

An absolutely necessary plugin!
Hands down, the hReview plugin is the perfect solution to add much needed schema data to any website that does reviews. This plugin does what it is designed to do efficiently and effortlessly.
AIDY - AIDYReviews.net

Don’t try to do everything yourself!
I had been trying to include the star ratings thing in Google Search manually before and it was an unsuccessful attempt after hours of trying. Thanks to Author hReview, I can do it now in less than 1 minute without breaking a sweat.
Alan Tay - ITSColumn.com

Supplying the Rich Snippet Demand
Simple and easy to use. Authorhreview has provided the answers to many webmaster's problems. Their plugins are simple and easy to understand. Keep up the good work 😀
Ryan - Ryan Schilling

Reviews have never been so easy
First off, support for this plugin is truly awesome - kudos to Hesham. Secondly, writing and ranking views will never ever be easier than this plugin. All the options you'll ever need. For me, a 5 star rating only goes to awesome features, functionality and support - this one gets it.
Martin Cooney - GeekAndJock.com

I knew I found the the right plugin
After creating a review that lead to multiple sells within a few hours instead of 1 or 2 sells over the first few days. After some research, all the sales came from links created from Author hReview and not from banners or links from the content! After that, I knew I found the the right plugin.
James Johnston - EvolutionaryDesigns.com

Great plugin, awesome support
This is a perfect plugin for anyone looking to add user review functionality to their site. The developer, Hesham, provides awesome support and frequently updates the plugin adding new features and fixing any issues that come up. Definitely would recommend this!
Matt S - BI Software Insight

Stand out in the Search Engines with Author hReview
Hesham Zebida is not your average plugin developer, he's also a blogger, marketer, and website designer. His brilliant new Wordpress plugin 'Author hReview' helps you better format your written reviews within posts AND pages, and it makes your star ratings show up in Google search!
David Werba - DavidWerba.com

My website CTR has been increased
I was using review plugin on my blog (actually I used 4 different plugins with time) But I never ever saw rich snippets in the Google SERP for my blog... and suddenly one miracle happened.. I bought your plugin few days back and my snippet ratings are visible in the search engine now.
Kulwant Nagi - Blogging Cage

Hands down, the best review plugin I’ve
Hesham has done a wonderful job in developing Author hReview! The plugin works efficiently; super simple to install and maintain and super efficient at the backend! I'm so much in love with this plugin. Do I need to mention "super increase in CTRs?"
Jane Sheeba - ProbbloggingSuccess.com

Awesome. Just Love it!
I have to thank Hesham for creating such a great plugin. Just bought this plugin 2 days back and I can see all reviews on my blog, ranking higher in search engine. The plugin is simple to install, easy to use and is capable of converting tons for you. A must have plugin if you want to give your customers a honest and valuable review. This plugin is a win win for all...!
Sahil Umatia - iBlogNet.com

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