We’ve Moved Our Website Officially to WPRichSnippets.com


So, as I’ve explained to you why we are moving to a new website, we actually did moved to wprichsnippets.com, if you are looking to add schema markup to your WordPress site, then make sure to visit us at our new home.

We are moving all our active members to the new website, so we decided to keep this site (authorhreview.com) active only for our members, we are not selling any products here at this time.

Have a question?

Use this page to contact us.

New here?!

Go a head and visit our new website to learn more or purchase WPRichSnippets plugin license.

Moving To New Site at the 1st Of May

We have been working hard to build our new site, we think it’s ready, and this means we can do the move to the new site by the end of this month, which is only a few days from today. So, Yes! We are so close to move to our new site.


But before we do that, we need to make sure everything will go smooth and you will actually enjoy the new changes we made in our new site and the overall experience with our new WPRichSnippets plugin and its add-ons. [Read more…]

What We’ve Been Working On & What to Expect in the Coming Weeks!


We strive to become number one in the industry, that’s why we have been working hard in the last a few months to make the WP Rich Snippets plugin more awesome. Today, I am going to share with you a sneak peak of our 2015 plan and tell you about all major changes we are going to implement to our business model in the coming weeks. [Read more…]