Major Update for the WP Rich Snippets Plugin and Add-ons

It has been a few months since we’ve released the WP Rich Snippets plugin, we’ve put a lot of effort to bring new features and modifications to the plugin to make it work for everyone. We’ve reached version 1.0.0b91, which still a beta.

Thanks to all our active members and their great feedback, we plan to bring out the final version after adding a few other new features and make sure the plugin is working great.

What’s new in version 1.0.0b91

The most noticeable modification in version 1.0.0b91 is the depreciation of tabs, so user reviews are no longer display in a tab, it will just show on page below content.

Also, the older versions of the plugin was saving user rating in comment meta with a specific meta key, we’ve changed the meta key to “rating”, this will allow us to integrate with other plugins like WooCommerce, we are working on the integration add-on to be released soon.

You can view a list of changes of version 1.0.0b91.

Add-ons updates

These add-ons got new updates, several bug fixes and new features has been added to it:

Call To Action
Display Rating
Ranking Table

If you are using any of the add-ons above on your website, then please update them to the latest version.


Author hReview Gets A New Design, Pricing Licenses, and more!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to launch the new website design of, the new design as you can see is more cleaner, and I’ve tried my best to make it more easier to navigate though the website sections.

Also, there have been huge changes in ricing license -not that I’ve increased prices- to make things better. So, read on!

Since I started about two years ago; I was thinking of stability! So, I decided to use a trusted WordPress Theme.

That been said; the website has been always running on a custom child theme made especially for the Genesis Framework, I’ve been always recommending it for everyone because it gave me great stability, I don’t have worries running a business website when using Genesis.


I hope you will enjoy the new design!  [Read more…]

WP Reviews Update: V1.1.9 with Default Repeated Criteria Fields and More

I’ve been asked several times to include this feature and I had it for long time on my to do list. Finally, the default repeated criteria fields has been added to the WordPress Reviews plugin.

I’ve added a new tab to the plugin settings page called Criteria, under this tab you will find the Default Criteria settings. You will be able to create a new set of Criteria for your reviews, and enable it on every new review on your site. Also, there is a new update button for the criteria, this button will update criteria on all reviews (all old reviews), but of course you have to deal with care when using this feature, you don’t want to lose the data your users already added to the reviews.  [Read more…]

Now WP Reviews Plugin Plays Nicely with Disqus Commenting System

I’ve just release a new update for the WordPress Reviews plugin, the latest available version is 1.1.6, which can be downloaded within the Pro member area.

As you may know, the WP Reviews plugin depends on the default WordPress commenting system to enable user reviews. There was a problem with using WP Reviews plugin and the Disqus plugin on the same site, Disqus takes over comment and completely disables WordPress comments, so no more user reviews!

If you are using Disqus commenting system on your WordPress site, then you are going to love this update.  [Read more…]