Author hReview Plugin Got Updated Version 1.1


Hey everyone, we’ve released a new update for the Author hReview plugin. This update was a result to a member query, he asked for more control of which post type to enable reviews on, so we did it.

By default; reviews are enabled on posts and pages, but you can enable reviews on any specified Custom Post Type on your site. The changes we’ve made is to allow you to enable reviews on any custom post type including posts and pages.

The new settings looks like this:


Now you can upgrade to the latest version of Author hReview plugin within your account.

Note: If you already have reviews on posts and pages, then mostly you will need to enable them within the plugin settings after upgrade, so just make sure you tick posts or pages checkbox then save settings, and you are good to go.

WP Reviews Plugin Update Release Version



A new update has been released for WP Reviews plugin. This update has a fix for criteria field label style and some other enhancements and additions, so it’s a good idea to update the plugin on your site now.

Version changelog:

  • Fixed criteria field label style.
  • Added class .item_range_label to fix label display.
  • Added Nigerian Naira currency.

Now you can upgrade to the latest version of WP Reviews plugin within your account and simply deactivate the delete the older version, then install and activate the new one.


We’ve Moved Our Website Officially to


So, as I’ve explained to you why we are moving to a new website, we actually did moved to, if you are looking to add schema markup to your WordPress site, then make sure to visit us at our new home.

We are moving all our active members to the new website, so we decided to keep this site ( active only for our members, we are not selling any products here at this time.

Have a question?

Use this page to contact us.

New here?!

Go a head and visit our new website to learn more or purchase WPRichSnippets plugin license.

Plugins Update: Enhancing Page Markups and Call to Action

Some new updates to share this week, mostly these are cool enhancements and additional functionality added to the WP Rich Snippets plugin and its Call To Action add-on. If you have an active license, then go a head an download the latest versions.

We would love to thank everyone who participated with great feedback.  [Read more…]