Author hReview Plugin Got Updated Version 1.1


Hey everyone, we’ve released a new update for the Author hReview plugin. This update was a result to a member query, he asked for more control of which post type to enable reviews on, so we did it.

By default; reviews are enabled on posts and pages, but you can enable reviews on any specified Custom Post Type on your site. The changes we’ve made is to allow you to enable reviews on any custom post type including posts and pages.

The new settings looks like this:


Now you can upgrade to the latest version of Author hReview plugin within your account.

Note: If you already have reviews on posts and pages, then mostly you will need to enable them within the plugin settings after upgrade, so just make sure you tick posts or pages checkbox then save settings, and you are good to go.

Introducing the Anonymous User Reviews Add-on

Allow anonymous user reviews

In some cases you want to allow your website visitors to submit anonymous user reviews on your website. We’ve got you covered!

We’ve just released our new Anonymous user reviews add-on for WordPress Rich Snippets plugin. Now you can allow Reviewers to submit user reviews while keep anonymous.

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Now WP Reviews Plugin Plays Nicely with Disqus Commenting System

I’ve just release a new update for the WordPress Reviews plugin, the latest available version is 1.1.6, which can be downloaded within the Pro member area.

As you may know, the WP Reviews plugin depends on the default WordPress commenting system to enable user reviews. There was a problem with using WP Reviews plugin and the Disqus plugin on the same site, Disqus takes over comment and completely disables WordPress comments, so no more user reviews!

If you are using Disqus commenting system on your WordPress site, then you are going to love this update.  [Read more…]

(Thank You) Reviews of WP Reviews Plugin

A couple of months ago, I’ve launched the WP Reviews plugin, which have been doing great work in the market and helped many people to build awesome product reviews sites.

I would like to give a shutout and a special thanks to all members who reviewed and mentioned the WP Reviews plugin for their great support.

In this post, I will mention a few of those reviews of the WP Reviews plugin so that you see and read what they say bout it, also some posts includes good advice on how to use the plugin, plus how it can help you build products review site. [Read more…]

How to Validate User Reviews to Make them Authentic

Today, I got an awesome question in the support forum from one of our members asking what process could we use in order to validate the reviews to make them authentic?

This question inspired me to write up this post right away, and I decided to answer his question in details, hopefully he will find it useful, and benefit others as well.

Here is the complete question from the forum:

What process could we use in order to validate the reviews to make them authentic??? Some guy just commented on a post saying that there no process of validating the reviews to make them authentic ( smart ass )… He has somewhat of a valid point though,,,, whats your take on this? Is there a way for us to do this?…. I notice the same on wpleaders (great site by the way).

And, here is my answer… [Read more…]