Author hReview Plugin Got Updated Version 1.1


Hey everyone, we’ve released a new update for the Author hReview plugin. This update was a result to a member query, he asked for more control of which post type to enable reviews on, so we did it.

By default; reviews are enabled on posts and pages, but you can enable reviews on any specified Custom Post Type on your site. The changes we’ve made is to allow you to enable reviews on any custom post type including posts and pages.

The new settings looks like this:


Now you can upgrade to the latest version of Author hReview plugin within your account.

Note: If you already have reviews on posts and pages, then mostly you will need to enable them within the plugin settings after upgrade, so just make sure you tick posts or pages checkbox then save settings, and you are good to go.

WP Reviews Plugin Update Release Version



A new update has been released for WP Reviews plugin. This update has a fix for criteria field label style and some other enhancements and additions, so it’s a good idea to update the plugin on your site now.

Version changelog:

  • Fixed criteria field label style.
  • Added class .item_range_label to fix label display.
  • Added Nigerian Naira currency.

Now you can upgrade to the latest version of WP Reviews plugin within your account and simply deactivate the delete the older version, then install and activate the new one.


Say Hi to the Author hReview Pro

After the massive success and the great feedback we had with the latest light free version of the plugin, I am so excited to announce the new Pro version of Author hReview plugin that we’ve just launched today with more awesome features.

author hreview pro

What’s new in Author hReview Pro

Here is a list with the main features and modifications that has been rolled out in the pro version:

  • half rating
  • rating box templates
  • control over what elements to show on the review box (button, date, reviewer name..etc)
  • ability to change button text
  • add images to the rating box
  • add reviews on pages as well (free plugin only works on posts)
  • new widget with product images (this plugin has two widgets)
  • ability to sort reviews in widgets by rating value (example: Top Rated)
  • option to remove rel=”nofollow” links
  • display a list of all review “posts” in one page in WP dashboard
  • shortcode to display rating box anywhere on the post/page
  • shortcode to display related reviews
  • shortcode to display recent reviews
  • of course a lot of bug fixes and other enhancements!
  • Learn more by visiting the documentation page.

    The plugin will be sold in a very special price during the launch, so make sure you don’t mess this chance!