Google Released New Update To Structured Data Site Testing Tool

Google has updated the Structure Data Testing Tool and is working on expanding their support for page markups to help webmasters and developers marking up their sites. We have been recommending testing out review entries on the Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure your pages are marked up correctly when using our WordPress reviews plugins.

Rich Snippets Preview Gone

The Testing Tool has been a great help on quickly discover broken markups and errors, however the preview has been gone!


The new updated Testing Tool has no Rich Snippets previews, so practically you won’t be able to see how your site pages will look like in SERPs. (not so good if you ask me!) [Read more…]

Incomplete microdata with (Solved)

A couple of days ago -or maybe more- Google made changes to the rating and review code snippets, which caused the rating stars to disappear from search results.

If you do a test in Google’s rich snippets test tool, you will get this warning on your review post or page:

Incomplete microdata with

[Read more…]

No Rich Snippet will be Generated for This Data (Solved)

Yesterday, I notice that my reviews shiny stars has been dropped from one of my product reviews in Google’s SERPs, what a shame! I checked one of the reviews on Google’s Rich Snippets Tool, and I discovered an issue with the’ AggregateRating that I am using on the Author hReview plugin, it just doesn’t work like is was before, I have a doubt that Google has changed something!

Google’s Rich Snippets Tool was giving this warning

Warning: No rich snippet will be generated for this data, because it appears to include multiple reviews of an item, but no aggregate review information.

I assume this is the case on all the blog that are using the Author hReview plugin for their products reviews. So, sooner or latter all those shiny rating stars will disappear, it all will happen once Google revisit a review page and update its search results.

The good news is I was able to fix the issue, and I have tested the plugin on and I got the rating stars back:

Review rating stars in Google search

I fixed the Rich Snippets issue by

I know it sounds complicated, but well the plugin is now working, and that’s the deal.

Here is a few links for reviews if you would like to test them out:

I’ve updated the plugin at today, and it will start showing notices on the blog dashboard soon, you will need this update, so go for it.

Why You Should Implement Google Rich Snippets

It’s obvious, anything that can add a new SEO feature to your blog is worth it, Google Rich Snippets can help your content stand out in search results, and get more clicks and search traffic. Luckily, the Author hReview plugin adds rich snippets for editorial reviews and rating.

Take advantage of Google rich snippet offerings.