Because You Asked, We Are Brining Our WordPress Plugins Back


As you might know; at the beginning of May 2015, we decided to close website and stop selling our plugins here. So, we dropped two of our plugins for good and moved on to to continue our support for the WPRichSnippets plugin.

But, things are not going good for our member who are using the Author hReview and WP Reviews plugins, many of them asked us to keep supporting the older plugins, simply because our plugins are awesome! [Read more…]

Celebrating 2 Years of Business – Get Your Discount Code

I am super excited to be in this business for more than two years now since I launched my first WordPress premium plugin, so I decided to celebrate with you the second anniversary of website. I will make this as short.


Seriously, I’ve learned a lot of being running this WordPress plugins business, and I am thankful to every person who supported me through the journey.

Business Journey!

It has been a great one, and results are good so far according to the plan.

I’ve published a detailed blog post today at to tell the story of my plugins, I hope you will find it interesting.

A gift for new members?

Sure, here is your gift, celebrating the anniversary I am going to release a discount code [Read more…]