We’re Shutting Down Our Affiliate Program

In the last few months, we’ve been making a very smooth transfer to our most advanced product, the WPRichSnippets plugin and all of its add-ons to a new domain name. We were actually about to close this site (authorhreview.com) and retire the sales of our older plugins.


When we posted about the site move, we’ve been asked from our members to keep supporting our older plugins here on the site, and we responded positively to this request. but with one exception, we will have to shut down our affiliate program.

Time has come to close our affiliate program for good.

Why shutdown the affiliate program?

The reason is we are too close to keep this site for our active members and thinking seriously to quite selling for new members, so it won’t make us any good to promote it via affiliate marketing. However, we haven’t taken this decision yet, but we would like to keep you informed about our future plans.

Our Top Affiliates

We actually moved our top affiliates to our new affiliate program over at wprichsnippets.com, but we won’t be able to move all members (specially non active members).

So, if you are one of our top affiliates, you should update your affiliate links to point to the new site.

Thank You

If you have been a member of our affiliate program, then we would like to thank you for your support.