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    When I install WP-Reviews on my Headway theme site the wrapper jumps right about 10 px.
    I can solve this by disabling the bootstrap style sheet but the percentage sliders stop working.

    Any way around this?

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    Would you please provide a link to your site, or one of your reviews?

    I will see if I can provide you with a CSS fix for that.

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    Currently the bootstrap style sheet is disabled

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    Would you please create a temp admin account for me and send details via the contact page? I will need a close look.

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    p.s. I think you have a bug in your contact page if you get the web address wrong the first time the error page asking for a corrected address does not accept anything

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    Ok, I’ve added a quick fix for that to Headway live editor.

    Design > Body >

    I added this style:

    .row {
    margin-left: 0px !important;

    P.S I will check the form when I get a chance Thanks..

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