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    I have some feature requests for WPRS which will make it even more awesome.

    First is Woocommerce product integration. Because thats where reviews are most needed. For products and services. And because Woocommerce does not have a proper solution. I have been looking everywhere.

    Second is a “I have it” “I want it” and “I had it” options for users. So for each product users can vote on the popularity of the product. I got this idea from engadget.com/reviews/. This is very useful as it encourages user engagement. For this to work even more beautifully, you might consider adding support for Buddypress. So every user will have a profile page where other users can see what they have, had or want. They can invite friends to this site and maintain a profile with their favorite products and stuff.

    I am really looking forward to the WooCommerce integration. Any ETA?

    Love your product. Specially the ability to set individual criterias for different categories.

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    Thank you so much for your suggestions, pretty cool ideas! I took notes with everything you mentioned here and will look into it.

    For the WooCommerce integration, I will see how this can be done, or maybe we can extend the review system they already have. No estimate time though, but I will let you know if something comes up.

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    Leo Koo

    Hey Hesham!

    Just a few suggestions
    1) Have a way to save review criteria profiles. – As in, let’s say, if we do a lot of reviews on cameras. Best if we could save the criterias, and just select the profile 🙂

    2) Integrate Font Awesome into the link button 🙂 – This is something Taqyeem has done, and it enables us to have a nice icon related to the review

    3) Center the link button – Ours seem to far to the edge

    4) Enable the review of multiple products on a post, or at least, like TablePress, build reviews on the backend. Sometimes, we don’t want to have 5 separate reviews, but 1 main one, with the comparison table.

    For example : I might wanna do a comparison article on hosting companies, but I don’t want to write individual posts. As such, could we build the review on the backend, and then show the comparison table review via short code, or via configuration in that particular post?

    5) Summary is gone? Anyway to get it back? – I noticed that while Authorhreview has a summary, WPRS doesn’t 🙁 Are there anyway to have the summary (instead of description) at the bottom of the Pros and Cons? 🙂

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      Hi Leo,

      Thanks a ton for your suggestions, I will look into them and see what I can do!

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    Leo Koo

    Oh btw, you should consider signing up for Uservoice or something similar 🙂 Where customers can suggest and then vote for ideas 🙂 Then your team can decide if it is viable and popular to execute.

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      That’s a cool one!

      I will put this in mind 🙂

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    I was thinking that the holiday season is coming up and it would be great time to integrate woocommerce so as to increase user interaction and sales. Hoping to see it any action.

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    John Edmond

    How about having an “Add Your Review” call to action button on the Review tab as well as the User Reviews tab to encourage visitors more

    Many of my reviews will not offer the possibility of sales or affiliate commisions. Adding Adsense or other ads is the only way to monetise these pages but adding the scripts is difficult because much of what’s on the page is controlled by the plugin. Would it be possible to include selectable text boxes to add Adsense or other add scripts above the title, below the link button and below the pros & cons to make ad insertion easier?

    Great plugin by the way


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    Hi John,

    I am testing a new way to control the Box Templates, it will allow full customization of the Box. So, probably this will be possible soon, I just want to make sure it’s working properly and do some testing.

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