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    Carl Street

    When setting up a Rating review type, I’m somewhat limited in terms of the percentage grade that is also shown in said review, as I can only, essentially, choose percentage increments of 10 (ie, 3.5 stars = 70% being displayed, 4.5 = 90%, etc).

    It would be really cool if I could assign a different percentage to a Rating review type, apart from the default one for that star rating. I’d like to, for example, be able to give an item 3.5 stars, but have it display 73% instead of 70%. To me, it just makes the review more authentic looking if the percentage isn’t always a number ending in ‘0’.

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    Carl Street

    Another enhancement I’d like to see is the ability to hide the description on the review box, but still have the description appear on the Call To Action add-on which I’m also using.

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