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    I decided to go with WP Rich Snippets because it seams to be the most feature-rich and does a lot of things that WP Reviews doesn’t.

    However, either I’m not setting it up right or it’s not available, how do I enable user reviews in comments?

    Rich Snippets > Display > Placed check “Show user creteria in comments?”
    This doesn’t appear to change anything in my comments fields to add user criteria.

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    I’m testing this on a localhost because I’m switching my site over to WordPress and need to copy data over and things.

    I’m using the Centric Pro theme with Genesis if that matters?

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    General Tab:
    Custom Post Types: Page selected.

    Made a new Review page entry. The features of the plugin work and display on that page as expected.

    Rating Tab:
    Site Visitors: Checked
    Make User Rating Required: Checked
    User Comment url: Checked to disable URL field.
    IP Address: Unchecked for testing.

    Display Tab:
    “Show user criteria in comments” checked

    The only thing I see change is if I uncheck “User Comment url” and save, the URL box returns to my comments section.

    Scratching my head here. Not sure what I’ve done wrong, unless this plugin doesn’t support user reviews yet?

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    Hi Scott,

    The plugin supports user reviews.

    There is Four types of Reviews (Rating, Percentage, Votes, and Aggregate) To make user reviews works, you must choose “Aggregate”.

    Please, take a quick look at the documentation page for more details on how the plugins works.

    Let me know if this didn’t work for you, and I will see what I can do, but it’s kinda of hard to figure out things while I can’t view your website.

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    I’m not in the office yet to try, but will “aggregate” still potentially show a rating star in SERP results?

    The documentation is very vague on this with the statement:

    Each review type will display differently in Google’s search results.

    Thank you. Will report back soon.

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      Yes, all reviews will actually display the star rating, but based on type it will display “votes” or “reviews” next to the stars.

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    Just a quick followup for any readers out there, using the aggregate option did fix my comment field to have the user ratings.

    However, I decided to switch to WP Reviews Pro because that one works better for my needs on this site. This is why I do things on a localhost, so I can better analyze plugins before going live. 😉

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      Hi Scott,

      What’s the feature that made you use the WP Reviews over WP Rich Snippets?

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        1) The call to action buttons include a font icon in WP Reviews after “Review Summary.”

        2) The reviews themselves allows BOTH “Editor Rating” and “User Reviews” rating while still assigning either editor or user review average in rich snippets.

        In WP Rich Snippets, I had to use “User Aggregated” for the review type to get the comments review system to show up. If I remember correctly, it made me select “Product” to enable the user reviews feature. When doing this, it REMOVED the editor review capability.

        I was forced to either enable Editor Reviews or User Reviews. I couldn’t use both and have both display in the review box. I confirmed this by re-reviewing the live demo.

        FYI: “Notify me of follow-up replies” isn’t working for me. I didn’t see your comment until I returned here.

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        Thanks Scott,

        1) I will bring this to the WP Rich Snippets plugin, I am working on a way to make it easy to choose which icon to use.

        2) I’ve just mentioned a solution in this thread on how to display Editor and User ratings at the same time. I am still testing this though.

        I’ve had issues with emails sent out from the server, I will have to check this out. Thanks for letting me know.

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        I took a look at the workaround. I just wrote a plugin to remove hundreds of lines of code out of my functions.php, I’m really not interested in adding back 100+ lines of code to get that to work. I’d also need to see a working example of it, because I love the way WP Reviews outputs that box.

        The only thing I didn’t like about this particular plugin is the way Pros and Cons are formatted under one shortcode (when disabling). I fixed this issue by writing my own shortcodes using the plugin’s div styling so that I could take advantage of the Genesis 2-column layout. Turned out great and still responsive.

        Is your future plans to deprecate WP Reviews and fold everything into WP Rich Snippets at some point? Further, if the answer is yes, will you be providing us with a method to batch-convert to the new plugin so we won’t lose data including comment ratings, editor ratings, etc?

        Thanks Hesham, your code is amazing and clean. Very impressed.

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    Sol Huebner

    Point 2 is a really good one 🙂

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