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    Paula Boyles


    We purchased an Unlimited License specifically for implementing the Rich Snippets plugin. However, we were unable to make the plugin work on our site (see my other posts in the Rich Snippets forum). Hence, we resorted to using the WP Reviews plugin (for now).

    While testing the plugin extensively, we were unable to get our own slideshow plugin shortcode to work. We tried over 7 different slideshow plugins, in addition to the one provided by our theme developer and the default WordPress gallery.

    Nothing worked.

    We also switched sites, and switched to the default WordPress themes, Twenty Fourteen, etc.

    The slideshow would not display under any circumstance.

    During testing, we noted that if the shortcode contained an equals sign (=) the short code would get truncated. I don’t think that was the problem though, as even shortcodes without parameters wouldn’t work. Although, it’s possible that the plugin is truncating ALL of the shortcodes for slideshows, resulting in all slideshows not appearing as part of the review block.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this?

    Thank you!

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    I’ve fixed this issue and it will be released in the coming update, which will be available soon.

    The only thing you have to pay attention to when using a third-party slider shortcode is to make sure scripts and styles are loading, or then it won’t work the way it has to be!

    Also, saving the shortcode with parameters that has double quiets has been fixed.

    Please, allow a couple of days for the update to be ready.

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