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    Running WordPress SEO and Author hReview together doesn’t seem to work. The Author hReview part is completely ignored by Google Rich Snippet Tool when WordPress SEO breadcrumb featured is ON. At least the free version doesn’t work. Any ideas?

    We are looking into using Author hReview in multiple sites running WordPress SEO with breadcrumb enabled so this is important for us.

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    Stefanos ,

    Not sure if you’ve upgraded to the latest version (download it from the site, not wordpress.org), this is the first recommendation because I don’t have a link to your site, and I don’t know which version you are running.

    The Second -based on my understanding- there is no releation between breadcrumb and other markups, so they can’t conflict.

    Any ways, I would love to get a link to your site.

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    Yeap i got the latest version

    You can have a look at this post.. http://www.pestaola.gr/gizmonauts-ipad-game/

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    I can’t see any errors or notices, why you think that WP SEO plugin is conflicting with the Author hReview?!

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    Because it didn’t work before in Google RST but it works now. Sigh! I guess Google RST had the hiccups for hours last night. Sorry about that, it’s all good and nice now. Off to buy the plugin!

    Thanks for the amazing support!

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    I see. Great, thanks 🙂

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