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    Francisco Perez

    OK, not sure if this was already mentioned, but I am thinking it could be a great addition if there is a way we can choose or “not include” certain reviews from the widget. Perhaps using the posts IDs? This could be interesting if I want to “feature” a review.. sort of like a “sticky” review..

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    Good idea, and I don’t think it’s hard to achive, I will add it to my todo!

    Also, I have a fantastic idea, I want users to be able to display recent reviews, or featured reviews on the home page, let’s say after the first or second post, same as I do at FamousBloggers.net, probably a shortcode or something, still thinking of the best way to do it!

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    Francisco Perez

    That’s great! And I also like the idea of being able to feature it on the home page after certain post. Not sure which way would be best (shortcode or something), but it is a good addition too. I think it will depend on the theme… Looking good, lots of features 🙂

    On the other thread, I said I was running out of ideas, but I just remembered another one. What do you think about having a short code “on a post level” of “Related Reviews”. Something like “yet another related posts” but specific for reviews?? Can be interesting.. what do you think?

    Or a “Review Page” where all reviews can be viewed with excerpts… similar to the “archive” function..

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    Yes, it will depends on the theme, however people who are using frameworks like Thesis or Genesis, they will be able to insert it easily using hooks, other will need some extra conditional coding to be added to their theme. I think I will be able to help most of users via the support with this one.

    Ah, that one is already in my mind, a short code for recent reviews is a great idea!

    But, for the archive page, it would be much easier to have a category for reviews, I think it’s the best fit!

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