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    I’ve a pro version of the plugin. It stopped saving review details so as per the email instructions, I logged in, downloaded the latest and the problem went away. The catch? Although my account recalls my API key the plugin it gave me to download is the free version.

    How do I get my pro version back? (and have I lost my old review settings; pictures and half star reviews, etc).


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    Hi Andrew,

    Your account looks like expired, you may need to purchase support and upgrades access for another 6 months. You can do this within your account under (Add/Renew Subscription) tab. It cost only $29).

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    Vaneet Singla

    Hey Hesham,

    In context of this thread would like to confirm one thing. My reading of your sales page was that I would be able to continue using Pro version as long as I want, just that if I want upgrades and support I would have to subscribe again. Is that correct or do I shift to free version after 6 months?


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    I paid the extra money and the reviews are back up.

    I did discuss it with friends, though. I like to think that the plugin broke because of changes Google made rather than the plugin stopping to work because my 6 months were up (and I need to go back and look when I first bought it). Why? The sales page is pretty clear; plugin for life but support for 6 months. I think updates to keep the plugin functional fall outside of support and inside the remit for the pro version of the plugin for life.

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    You are correct, you can use the Pro plugins as long as you want. However, the access to support and upgrades is only for 6 months, then you renew (your access to support and upgrades) whenever you want or need to. This is one time payment, it’s not a subscription though (means no automatic payment will be charged to your account, you do it by yourself when when you want).

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    Hi Andrew, let’s be clear about this, first let me copy what the sales page say about it:

    When you purchase our membership, you make only one payment (no automatic payments) you get 6 months of access to Support and Upgrades. After 6 months you can still use the plugins for as long as you want. You can purchase another 6 months of support and upgrades for only $29 from your account only when needed.

    Support and Updates are in the same package, means you don’t get plugin updates if your account is expired.

    If Google made changes, and we need to update the plugin, your account must be active so you can download the updated release.

    The other is scenario is; if Google didn’t make changes -let’s say- in the whole coming year, you can use the plugin with no issues, however you may want to renew your access to get update for new features and bugs fixes that I continuously release.

    This is a very popular pricing model, it help me to provide new feature and keep supporting the plugin, (in my opinion) much better than one time payment for the life of the product.

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