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    John Pritchard

    I am not sure if these errors are a big deal or not. Feel free to educate me.

    I am using the custom function you have on github to show the editor review on the left and the aggregate review on the right. There are no user submitted reviews for the aggregate, so it is null.

    The errors:
    Aggregate 2 Errors:
    The review has no reviewed item specified. *I do have the product name in the right entry box
    Failed to normalize the rating value. *Is this because there are no aggregate reviews?

    Product 1 Error:
    Failed to normalize the rating value.

    hCard 1 Warning:
    Node is empty. Double check that this is desired and consider removing.

    Are any of these going to cause issues for me?

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    Hi John,

    I am not sure, are you testing in the Google Data Structured Testing Too, then there has been new update for the Testing Tool, we are working to update our plugin.

    We’ve actually updated the WP Rich Snippets plugin just now, so please download the new update within your account and install it instead of the older version you are using now.

    Let us know if this fix the issue as we are still investigating more about the new Google Testing Tool update.

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    John Pritchard

    Just manually updated. It eliminated the aggregate errors, but the product error and the hcard errors remain.

    I was using the new google testing tool.

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    Hi john,

    The hcard error is not relevant, mostly it should be fixed by the theme you are using.

    Can you please provide a link to one of your reviews where I can see the other error?

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