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    Love your work so far. I am a novice and I am struggling to find the “name” for the unique id field. I am using a CSV importer to manage my content since I have a lot of data and it allows for custom imports if you have the correct code. For new posts I would like to be able to fill in a standard set of “unique id’s” with a score. For your ratings this was easy, I used the “ta_post_review_rating” and viola the rating appeared. I cannot find correct code for the unique id, title, and percentage score under “criteria”.

    I hope this is possible. Thanks.

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    The criteria custom field’s name is “ta_repeatable”, it doesn’t show because data is saved in array. To import data to this filed you will have some custom code.

    I apologize because I can’t help with this, but maybe the plugin will have an importing tool in the future.

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    Thank you. What about the percentage score and unique id? What function does the unique id serve?

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    To reframe my question. What is the field name for the percentage and unique id? and is the unique id needed?

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    The answer will still the same.

    All these data are saved in one field (in an array). To view it you can print_r to display the array and see how to deal with its data. (also you can see the code in the review_meta_box.php file that is located at wp-reviews/inc/ folder, search for “case ‘repeatable'” to find the code.

    This requires coding experience.

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