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    Jay Dorsey

    When I create a new review and enter data on the Details tab, under the Author Name, I’m able to type a URL. However, when the page reloads (after successfully saving), the data in the Author Name field isn’t parsed properly and Author Hreview truncates the data. For example:

    1. Type [a href=””]Author Hreview[/a] into the Author Name field, then save
    2. Observe the Author Name field displays simply [a href=”

    The rest of the data appears outside the text box—you can tell it doesn’t parse it correctly in the field.

    Can you update the plugin so URLs are permitted in the field?

    I love the plugin by the way 🙂

    Example of the after:



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    Hi Jay, glad you are liking the plugin.

    The link breaks because this field is coded to only accept a text, which is the name.

    I had this linked before, and also added a twitter ID to that specific place, but after some time I figure out that it’s not worth it, especially if you are promoting an affiliate link, this can affect the conversion negatively.

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    Jay Dorsey

    Thank you for the follow up. I know it’s easier said than done, but if that could be coded to strip out HTML on submit that would make it work as expected. As-is, it allows HTML and then breaks the page if I don’t double-check (not me—since i know it only takes text now). I know it’s probably not as simple as throwing strip_tags around the field but hopefully it won’t be too hard if you had time.

    Thanks again for a great plugin and I appreciate that you did testing on conversions.

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