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    I cannot get the ratings or criteria to show up to allow user ratings and review. Here are a couple of pages I have your plugin in use on. It’s never worked. Any ideas?

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    Dan Karr

    I have a similar problem. I am using WP 3.7 and the Twenty Thirteen theme and have installed and configured the software, but nothing shows up. The only item that shows up is:

    You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <b>

    <cite> <i> <q cite=""> <strike>

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    Your theme’s comment form is probably custom, it doesn’t have the default WordPress id and classes, and probably that’s why criteria won’t show up.

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    Dan Karr

    Hi Hesham,
    I just sent you an email with login to my website. The email is titled “Re: New from Author hReview Contact”


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    Dan Karr

    For my website the comment form is standard twenty Thirteen.

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    Yes, you are right. I think everything will work on your site as expected. The reply was for the original thread 😉

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    I had made some changes to the comments php file but I switched it back to defaults now(restored original comments.php) and still not working. Perhaps you could tell me the id and classes the plugin targets and I will change them inside my theme? Any other solutions?

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    I was able to fix it by renaming and thus disabling the comments.php within my theme Avada if anyone knows of it. This is a low risk change as you could cimply ftp in and name back to the default if it breaks something in your theme.

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    You probably can get an idea if you switch to one of the default WP themes (example: TwentyTwelve‎).

    I don’t recommend changing your theme’s comments form ID or classes, this may break the comment section layout.

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