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    Hello and thanks for a great plugin. I have installed it on our website but I am having issues. Would you pls email me to my registered email so that I can give you admin login to the site?

    My issue:
    I have enabled user rating as well as reviews from site visitor. However, when I log out and try to rate as a user I simply get redirected to the standard commenting option @ bottom of post.

    I am running Genesis framework, News Pro theme.
    Thank you so much for your prompt reply

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    The user reviews depends on WordPress default commenting system, I see that you are using Jetpack Comments, that’s why it’s not working!

    You must disable Jetpack Comments on your site for the plugin to work.

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    Thank you Hesham!
    I have now disabled Jetpack comments. However, when clicking on the little + sign to add reviews I am still taken to the bottom of the post where the standard commenting facility appears. It does not allow them to rate the property on any of my attributes. Am I missing something?

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    Try disable jQuery within the WP Reviews plugin settings page, under the Technical tab.

    Let me know if this solve the issue.

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    Thank you! Disabling the jQuery did the trick 🙂 Wonderful support, really appreciate the fast response.

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      Cool, we know now it’s working because it’s showing.

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    Unfortunately I spoke too quickly. Pls refer here I posted a comment from John (filled out all the gauges) yet only the comment displays once I approve it. None of the ratings have worked.

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      I notice there is 6 criteria fields, the last one is empty. Please delete it and try again.

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        Oh, and by the way, you must choose a rating on the stars, if you don’t choose a rating the plugin won’t count the whole thing and it will treat it as a normal comment.

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    Hello again, sorry I think my last post didn’t post. Damn. Could you pls take a look at my comment on this post – – what’s the best way to remove the space between the gauges? thanks

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    I see. I’ve made an update to fix this, please download the new update version and install it on your site.

    To do so, simply deactivate and delete the old version of the plugin and install/activate the new one within your WordPress plugins page.

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    Thanks Hesham for the update…. however, no change!

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      Try clearing the cache plugin you are using after any change you make on your site.

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    Actually – i just noticed the starts aren’t coloured in full also – It only appears to be a Chrome (I am on mac, version 33) issue. works fine in Safari.

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      Interesting! It works fine for me on IE, FF Chrome and Safari. I develop on Windows 8 though!

      Wondering when I can put my hands on a Mac!

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    You are welcome to use mine – via teamviewer if you wish!

    Apart from that would you know if it is possible for the star rating to appear in the post summary’? Here as per yellow highlights:

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      Wow that would be great, however I will see if I can find another way first. (Thanks a lot)

      There is an option in the plugin settings to show the star rating on blog page or archives. Find it under the “Display” tab, look at the first two check boxes where it says: “Try to display rating stars on home page?” and “Try to display rating stars on archive pages?”.

      P.S. It depends on the Theme you are using, so I hope it will work for you.

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