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    Just bought your product. Amazing plugin and works beautifully.

    I have few questions:

    I am using rich snippets and have enabled it only for woocommerce product pages under settings.

    Under criteria, for each criteria that I set, it asks me to enter a “Enter Unique ID”. What is that and what should I enter. If I enter a random number, can I enter the same number for every criteria under each product or does it needs to be unique. For testing purposes, I entered number 1 to 7 but cannot see it on the product page anywhere.

    For each individual rating criteria, I cant see the percentage in numbers. I can see the bar and when I hover on that bar, I can see a pop up telling me the percentage, but it is not visible otherwise. How to enable that?

    I have enabled user reviews under settings but cannot find any option or box for users to input the reviews. I have selected “Product” in the dropdown and under that “Percentage”. How do users submit reviews and rate products?

    The ratings are being shown under the first tab “price comparison”, I want them to appear under the Reviews tab. How to do that. WooCommerce comes with a Review tab and users would naturally go there first instead of scrolling down.

    Here is a product page for you to see..

    Also I have a feature suggestion. It would be really cool if the aggregate of the editor and user ratings could be shown in a widget like box or something below the product page title and “compare this” button at the top. That would add lot of value and users will know about the rating system without scrolling down.

    Another feature suggestion would be using color codes. For ratings between 80-100, rating bar color could be green, for 60-80 It could be orange, 40-60 it could be yellow and below that it could be red. This will give users an idea of what to expect at a glance and provide more value.

    I understand that the plugin is in beta, you have already done a great job. I know you must be busy with development but I have to ask this, please update your documentation. Need more details for each section and more screenshots.

    Thank you for your time and sorry for posting this on a weekend. 🙂

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    Please also check the above url in Google Rich Snippets. I cannot see any star ratings and there seems to be several errors.

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      I think WooCommerce plugin adds rich snippets markups too, which conflict with the WP Rich Snippets in a way or another and break the markups!

      I will be looking at this integration on the first chance and see if it’s possible to resolve.

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    I created another woocommerce product page and this time I chose Product – Aggregate. Check the url below and see what happens.

    First editors rating is not visible now.
    Second you can see user rating and reviews under the “Description” tab but there is no form for users to submit reviews.
    Third you can see the form for submitting user reviews under the “Reviews” tab.

    I was hoping for a more streamlined and logical approach like:

    Under the “Reviews” tab, you can see Editor Rating and below that “user ratings” and below that the form for users to submit reviews. Everything under a single tab.

    There is another issue. The user rating submission for is only visible when you are logged out. It disappears when you login. Here are two screenshots.

    When logged in
    when logged out

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    Hello Hesham,

    Any suggestions?

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    I tried to enable “product_tabpage” to see if it will make things right. After enabling it, the editor rating box appears on each and every tab except the “Reviews” tab.

    So I disabled it but I can still see the rating box under every tab now. Still looking for solution.

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    mmmm… The plugin is not tested with WooCommerce plugin, however I am eager to make it work nicely together when I get a chance.

    I will try to answer your questions below:

    – The Criteria ID is a unique id to identify each criteria field. It can be a number or a word (I prefer using words because they tell about the criteria field and easy to remember) so just use some word. Unique means each criteria field in the same review has to use a different criteria ID.

    – You must provide the percentage for each criteria in the Rich Snippets meta box to see results.

    – A few things: You must fill the Rich Snippets meta box for each review you create on your website, also if you are logged in try to logout of your account to see the ability to add user review (The author of the review can NOT add a rating!).

    – I will be looking at the integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

    – Thanks for your feature requests, I will put them in mind (P.S. There is a dedicated forum for suggestions)

    – I am working on a while new documentation section for the plugin, it will be live on the website as soon as possible.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    P.S. Please, if you need help or have a question about the plugin try to open a thread for each question to get faster respond and help on making navigation more easy through the forum topics).

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