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    OK, so I was a little confused as to which of the three plugins I should be using. Looking at support queries and the plugins themselves it seems that the WP Rich Snippets is the preferred plugin.

    The problem I have is that with just that plugin enabled, users cannot provide a review (no stars to choose from), even when the setting is selected in the Rating tab.

    If I enable WordPress Reviews as well as WP Rich Snippets, then the stars appear.

    Should I have both plugins enabled (it seems a bit much to have both)?

    If not, then why would WP Rich Snippets not display the stars?

    Please note it is not comment system issue as I have confirmed the theme I use uses the default commenting system, and I have also tested with default WP themes to no avail.

    Thanks for any clarification on this.

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    Hi Dean,

    I recommend using our recent plugin, the WP Rich Snippets. (you don’t need more than one plugin, hence we recommend activating only one plugin per website based on your needs).

    Mostly there is something missing, so please make sure you fill all required fields. Also, the Structured Data Testing Tool will give you a hint on what’s missing (it will show as an error).

    Anyways, I appreciate it if you provide a link to where I can see the issue on your website so I can assist you with this.

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    Thanks for the clarification regarding the plugin.

    OK, so scratch my previous comments. The problem as it was, was that I was using the Rich Snippets Type Review, which doesn’t allow user rating.

    Now that I have switched to aggregate AND used the Github function ( it is more or less what I am after.

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    Great, glad you’ve managed to solve it.

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