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    Frederic Neirynck

    The user review doesn’t work on my website.

    What do I have to do? I already disabled loading JQuery but then the sliders on my website stopped working and the user reviews still doesn’t work?

    I need help Urgent because I’m losing a lot of time.

    My website:
    PHP version of my host: phpMyAdmin

    Hope you can help.

    There’s a test review on the website.

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    Frederic Neirynck

    Now I see that my sliders on my website stopped working as well !

    The head slider on top of the homepage (blue background) isn’t working as well as the slider on the bottom of the page.

    What is the problem?

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    Frederic Neirynck

    I now see that when i’m logged in, the sliders work properly. When i’m logged out the sliders do not work…..

    Before they worked properly logged in or not…..

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    The WP Reviews plugin depends on the WordPress default commenting system, comments has to be open on your review post or page so that customer reviews and rating show up. (I see you are not using the default commenting system, you need to change that for the plugin to work).

    Try to disable loading jQuery within the plugin technical settings and see if this makes the slider works again.

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    Frederic Neirynck

    Thank you,

    As commenting system i use disqus. So i will not be possible to make the user review system work with disqus?

    About the sliders, i cant fix it. Its still not working not even when i disable jquery. It worked before and it work when im logged in and view the website through worress admin. What is the problem?

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    It won’t work with Disqus or any other commenting system rather than the default WordPress default commenting system.

    The plugin doesn’t load jQuery for you when you are logged in, so there is no conflict, but when you logout it loads the jQuery and the slider stop working. Maybe you need to stop your theme from loading it.

    Also, you should disable WP-Super-Cache when you are testing a new plugin, or at least flush the cache after activating or changing any of the plugin settings.

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    Frederic Neirynck

    User can also write a review when using the wordpress commenting system. Because i work with disquq, i understand this will not work. But will it also be impossible for the users to give a rating?

    I have uninstalled the wp review plugin and will install it again and see if it works fine.

    I will keep you informed

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    The whole User Reviews and Rating system depends on the WordPress commenting system, so users won’t be able to add a review or a rating if the WordPress comments aren’t enabled.

    In other words, it won’t work with Disqus.

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