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    John P Allen
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    Hi John,

    Try disable loading jQuery within the plugin settings, under the Technical tab.

    Also, make sure that you’ve actually filled the rating field within the criteria (the percentage field).

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    John P Allen

    Hey Hesham,

    I’ve tried with jQuery on and off and it makes no difference

    (thanks for the criteria percentage field tip)

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    John P Allen

    Still not getting any luck to get the reviews for visitors to show, any more ideas?

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    It looks like you are having an old PHP version on your server, you have PHP/5.2.9

    Please, upgrade to the latest PHP version and the user rating will be solved, in most cases you can do that via your cPanel, if you don’t know how to do it, then please ask your hosting support to help you out.

    Another thing, make sure you are not loading jQuery, disable loading jQuery within the plugin settings (under the Technical tab).

    I hope this helps.

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    Isaac Savage

    what version is needed for wp-reviews?

    Im running 5.4.29 and am having this same issue

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      Hi Isaac,

      I am running PHP/5.3.27 and things are working fine on this version.

      Maybe this thread isn’t relevant to your case, please open a new thread and explain to me what issue you are having, also provide a link to one of your reviews where I can see the issue.


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