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    HI Hesham,

    Annoyingly I posted a query about this on Friday 8th November, but it looks like you weren’t picking up issues last week (everyone needs a holiday I guess) but it seems to have disappeared in any case, not sure why. So I’ have to start again.

    My site is I’m using a basic WP theme – Twenty Twelve, and have logged in through a friend’s computer, but there does not seem to be any way for site visitors to leave their ratings. Can you advise please?



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    Hi Hesham,

    So it’s now over 2 weeks that I’ve had this problem which I first flagged through another user’s help request and you still haven’t responded. Can you please let me know what is going on here? This functionality was part of the reason I purchased your plugin – do I need to be looking elsewhere?


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    Any chance of a reply to this please?

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    Hi Oliver ,

    So sorry for being late in responding to this.

    Looks like you are using Jetpack comments enabled. The plugin isn’t integrated with Jetpack comments, try to disable it and it should work.

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    Thanks fro replying Hesham. Have done as suggested (I had to delete and then reload Jetpack in order to disable the comments feature) but it all seems to be working now.



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    Great, thanks for letting me know.

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