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    My theme has a conflict with the user ratings, it doesn’t show them (criterias and stars), I’ve installed the free theme from wordpress and it worked so this must be the problem.
    I am using this theme:

    What can I do?


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    You can try disable loading jQuery within the plugin settings under Technical settings, and see if this solve the problem.

    P.S. I need a link to one of your reviews so I can inspect the code.

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    WOW! that was fast! Awesome support what can I say. Disabling jQuery fixed the problem. Thanks a lot!

    PS: I was waiting for a plugin like this for years!

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    Great, enjoy!

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    The problem is back all of a sudden. I have PHP Version 5.4.20 and all jQuery disabled.

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    and I get this error in Review Settings > Details > Criteria

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘.$i.’ in /home3/user/public_html/ on line 695
    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘.$i.’ in /home3/user/public_html/ on line 696
    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘.$i.’ in /home3/user/public_html/ on line 697

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    You may want to contact your hosting company and ask them to upgrade your PHP to the latest version.

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    So I need PHP 5.5.5 for this to work?

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    No, I just checked my PHP version and the plugin actually works for me on PHP Version 5.3.8, so I am not sure why it’s giving your this warning!

    Are you sure you PHP version is 5.4.20 ?

    Maybe use a plugin like WordPress phpinfo() to check it out.

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    Yes, I am sure

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    Ok, let me try something and get back to you.

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    Ok, this has been fixed, I’ve made an update for the plugin.

    Please, download the latest version or the plugin, and install it on your site.

    To do the upgrade, follow these steps:

    1) Deactivate and remove the older version of the plugin.
    2) Install version, and activate it.
    3) Go to the plugin settings page, and make sure you enable reviews on the custom post types section.

    P.S. If you have any issues, please open a new thread.

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    Thanks a lot for the help, but still is not working. Anyway I switched to Genesis and problem fixed!

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    Oh, well.. glad you made the switch, Genesis is a great theme framework.

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