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    Hi, as asked by Hesham i will open a new thread to tackel the UserRating problems.

    No UserRating at all on the Site: activate comments (especially if you use a cutsom post type) if you haven’t allowed comments on existing posts you have to actvate them on every post!

    Second: Comments are open but no stars appear.

    This case can be seen here:

    As far as i have researched, this is caused by an deprecated function in jquery. The element “.browser” has been removed in jquery 1.9.1.
    Wordpress 3.6 now ships with Jquery 2+ so the rating plugin fails to load.

    you can verify this by inspection the element in Firebug which states:

    ypeError: $.browser is undefined

    …wser.msie) try { document.execCommand(“BackgroundImageCache”, false, true)} catc…
    jquery.rating-pack,js row 17

    and in chome DevTools:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined
    at the same row in the same file,

    the original comments from me can be found in this threads:


    So please resolve this issue by updating either the plugin or using a newer version of the rating pack!

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    Thanks for the heads up and detailed information, I’ve updated to the latest jQuery Star Rating Plugin version 4.11, this will be available in the next update release, pretty soon.

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    Thanks Hesham,

    i just installed the updated version ( and everything is fine. i will roll out the updated version to my productive site thie weekend.
    Thumbs up for the quick fix.

    I you need some development supoort, give me a call. I also have some feature requests. 🙂

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    Well.. add it to feature requests forum, and I will see if I can add it.

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