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    Galen Brazell

    The jQuery used in this plug-in conflicts with far too many themes and plug-ins. It was my understanding that WP plug-ins should use the included jQuery library with WordPress to minimize these conflicts. Is there any particular reason you have chosen to load your library independently? And would it be possible for you to offer loading through WP in a update?

    Here is a great article on the topic, and it could save you a ton of headaches in support by switching to the included WordPress library:

    Thanks for the continued support!

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    Would you please be more specific? Have you tested the plugin with many themes and found a conflict?

    The reason why I don’t load the version that ships with WordPress is that it doesn’t include the range slider (I wish it dose as this will clear all this mess).

    Thanks for the link, I came across this specific post before, I actually read every possible tutorial out there with no luck.

    Probably this explains why no one went for this path before, most developers will create a review theme, and they will stay away from plugins, I like to have the challenge though, however I recommend using popular names in the themes market like (Thesis and Genesis) for best performance.

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    Galen Brazell

    Okay that makes sense, just was curious. Hopefully WordPress catches up and you can migrate over. Specifically my theme is and WP Reviews breaks several of the portfolio options while it’s activated.

    I’ve tried a few other responsive themes, and ones that use the “masonry” style loading of posts (similar to pinterest) have issues running while WP Reviews is loading jQuery. Checking the disable box in settings fixes this immediately so it’s obviously connected to that.

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    I see. Looks like your theme is loading the correct jQuery version, this explains why the range slider works if you disable loading the jQuery via the plugin settings (actually that’s why this option excises, to avoid conflict, jQuery shouldn’t load twice).

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