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    Hey Hesham,

    Have a lot of problems with installing the review system on my website.

    1. First of all, for some reason, the entire posts are not visible to users logged in. Users that are not logged in should be able to view the review etc (screenshot http://cl.ly/image/291N202W1C3A).

    2. None of the user review options are displayed in the comment section. Just the regular comments box (http://cl.ly/image/023n2B0m2u31). I also bought the Reviews Submit plugin but it doesn’t show like in the demo (really ugly, none of the stars features etc) see http://cl.ly/image/0G0t3a0w3a22.

    Please get back to me asap!

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    Hi Michel,

    I can’t help without having a direct link to where I see the issue on your website, so please provide a link.

    But I can tell:

    1- This has nothing to do with the plugin. Make sure you fill all required fields within the Review post meta box. Also check your Theme’s template, Custom Post Types…etc.

    2- Try disable loading jQuery within the plugin settings, it’s under the Technical tab.

    I hope this help.

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