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    Reginald Chan

    Hi there!

    A little funny thing here. I tried to resize the review until 50 px. And still it doesn’t change.

    This is what it looks like: http://prntscr.com/1hf12c

    I want it to like this (taken from my friend’s website): http://prntscr.com/1hf1me

    Any suggestions please?

    Thank you.

    You can see the website here: http://www.reginaldchan.net/build-mailing-list-using-hybrid-connect-plugin/

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    I can’t see the Rating Box on the link you’ve sent me.

    Only the default Rating Box template can be re-sized.

    Looking like you don’t read the notes in the plugins settings and the review post meta. Reginald, I recommend you read these notes while using the plugin, and also take a few minutes to go through the documentation and read so that you know how to use the plugin.

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    Reginald Chan

    Hi Hesham,

    Thanks for the reply.

    And yes, I was talking about the default raiting box. Tried adjusting the size etc but kept showing full size. So I did went over to my friend’s site to check out. He is able to resize like normal. Simple adjustment of left and right also didn’t work.

    So I assume it could be my theme problem? Genesis + Magazine <– of course this is why I decided to remove the boxes (kept the mini one only) after like 4 hours of trying. Haha!

    Also, I read the manual twice to make sure I didn’t leave out anything especially with the resizing the box.

    Do remember me if you by any chance find out what is wrong 😀

    Hey, sorry for the inconvenience caused!


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