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    Please take a look at this page to begin with: http://www.daciaforum.co.uk/dacia-duster-reviews/

    You’ll notice that the image and review summary are repeated twice.

    Also, i’m unable (as a regular user) to rate it myself, none of the rating boxes work.

    I’ve ticked the box to allow everyone to rate.

    Bit stuck!


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    Hi Nick,

    A few things:

    1 – I think you are using a shortcode in the page editor, you don’t need that. The plugin automatically inserts the Box, so you need to use the editor to add the review content itself.

    2- User reviews depends on WordPress commenting system, so make sure that comments are open on your review pages.

    3- Add price as “0.00”, do not use “From” or currency sign. (this will break page markup).

    P.S. Author of the review page won’t see the user rating stars, so make sure you are logged out or using a different browser.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Hesham. That’s solved the double text issue.

    I’m really struggling to get *anyone” to add a review. I’ve tried logged in, logged out (guest posting is allowed), different browsers, but still nothing appears. I assume that if you visit this link, you also cannot add a review? http://www.daciaforum.co.uk/dacia-duster-reviews/

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    Solved, discovered that I had comments for pages turned off, completley unrelated to this plugin!

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      Great, thanks!

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