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    Jan S.

    Hi Hesham,

    For the “WP Rich Snippets Plugin” – is it possible to have a German version of this plugin?
    I could change most of the displayed text in the wordpress editor to German, but with each update of the plugin I need to edit it again.

    My offer:
    You give me a list of all the displayed English words from the “WP Rich Snippets Plugin” and I will send you a list with the translated German words.

    BR Jan

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    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the great offer, sure we can do something to make German translation included in the plugin.

    I suggest you follow the steps on this documentation page to translate our plugins. Then when you are done, please get in touch to send me the .mo and .po files so I can add them to the plugin.

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    Jan S.

    Hi Hesham,

    thanks for the link to “documentation page to translate our plugins”!

    Here are the files:

    One of the displayed words in the User Rating (“stars” => “Sterne” in German) hasn`t been translated.
    In the aggregated view above this word (stars) has been translated into “Sterne”.


    BR from Belek,

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