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    Martin Cooney


    Is it possible to use the shortcode as well as output it in a theme of choice.
    While I like the default output style, I prefer to use the shortcode for placement. The shortcode template looks bland to me.

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    Hi Martin,

    if you mean the [ratingbox] shortcode, then it has only one template, I made it light so it can work with most of themes, but of course you can style it with little CSS styles, maybe add it to your theme style.css file.

    P.S. Yesterday, I got a nice idea while writing some quick review, my theme has shortcodes that allow inserting notification boxes, so I included the [ratingbox] inside the notification box shortcode..

    I did something like [box][ratingbox][/box],

    And, I got nice results, you can check my review of the Web Domination 20 and see how the rating box looks like. Anyways, this just gave me some ideas for coming development, I would probably go this way as it’s pretty easy to use, without having to actually change the default template of the review box, so maybe I will be adding this feature to the plugin in next releases.

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    Martin Cooney

    Oh yeah, that works a treat, Hesham.
    My theme comes with all manner of pretty shortcodes boxes so thank heaps for the suggestion

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    That’s great, let me know how it goes 🙂

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    Martin Cooney

    Works a treat, Hesham.
    Check it at
    As you suggested, using a the shortcode at the top as well as the bottom of the post reinforces the rating as well as the click-through.

    Great stuff and thanks

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    Great, I see you also have the rating stars already in SERPs, pretty cool. I hope you get higher ranking with time.

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