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    Chris Pallé

    Nice start to a plug-in here, Hesham.

    Is it possible to get some control over the template? I don’t understand why there are “required” fields. If it’s because Google will be looking for – at a minimum – these fields, we should be allowed to take the chance of restructuring our own.

    I have my own CPT and my own custom fields for many of the fields that are provided by WP-RSP. I’d prefer to use my own post title for the product being reviewed and my Custom Fields because I’ve spent a good deal of time populating those fields.

    Have you seen how “Theme My Login” and “Pods” is using modules and components? To reduce the bloat in our code, they’ve allowed us to turn on only the features that we need. Have you considered this?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes, those fields are required by Google, however the plugin do not force you to add them, but it still needed for the markup to be correct and its value it used across the plugin and also by add-ons. The plugins also includes some other fields that are not required by Google (example: criteria fields) but its values are used for display purposes.

    As you might already know, the plugin doesn’t create Custom Post Types or Custom Fields, it only activate schema on a given Custom Post Type.

    I think the best way is to add any extra Custom Fields and add some code to display them along with the review. (maybe in your Theme or by creating a plugin to do so).

    From the other side, if you check the Box templates that are located at wp-rich-snippets/lib/includes/schema/templates folder, you will find out that you can actually filter the Box template for any available type of schema and make it look the way you want, and also include any Custom Fields you’ve added (this requires some knowledge of how to use filters in WordPress).

    I’ve added these filters to allow Theme developers to design their own Box. But, the plugin is still in its early stages, I need to make sure the plugin is working fine before going wiled with this feature 🙂

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