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    rob boirun

    I’m using the short code for the display chart. How can I edit this so that it displays correctly when 5 products are used? Currently when 5 products are shown the table goes past the post area. How can this be adjusted so when 5 or more products are used the table gets shown correctly without overlapping?

    Also how can I edit the look of the table (fonts, images, css, etc??)

    Also is it possible to add more sections into the table? I basically want a row for each Criteria item and to show a checkbox image if the product includes the criteria.

    In other words I want to be able to create a long review chart that shows each feature with checkboxes.

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    Hi Rob,

    I am not sure why this happened on your website, things works fine on my test and demo site (see here). I will have to take a look inside of your website, so please create a temp admin account for me and send details via the contact page.

    There is no option in the add-on to add more sections, you will have to do it yourself by re-coding the add-on if you can.

    If you would like to remove some of the rows in the take, this is possible by using shortcode parameters, please go to the add-on settings page and see the full list of parameters that you can use. (it’s under WP Rich Snippets > Comparison menu item).

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