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    Hi Hesham,

    I’ve just switched to using Rich snippets rather than the Reviews plugin as suggested, All seems fine except for some reason the “summary” header at the start of the description is not appearing bold. I see the <b></b> in the code, can you direct me to the location of this so I can change it to ?

    Link: iSIS Freeloader Review

    I’m also wondering if there is a way I can place content below the Pro’s and Con’s or display it in a chosen area with a short code instead of right at the bottom?



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    It looks like some styles aren’t effective, try adding this to your Theme’s styles file:

    #wprs_square .description p b {
    	font-weight: 600;

    I will add this to the plugin core styles fin the next update.

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    Hi Hesham,

    Thank you for the CSS. it resolved my problem


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    Great, thanks for letting me know. This probably will be included in the next update.

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