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    Gary Box


    I also cannot understand the settings for this plugin. You have an option called Calculations and a box for use real data followed by options for rating value and rating count. What do these mean and what do I use. I simply want people to enter testimonials and to be able to display them. These settings might make sense to the person who programmed this plugin but not to the average user.

    Can you explain?


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    Gary, there are two ways to calculate the rating:

    1) The calculation check box should be ticked. This will calculate the average of rating and set its markups based on real testimonials saved in the database or submitted by users.

    2) Or, fill the (Rating value, and Rating count) fields so that you can set these values manually.

    These settings was suggested by members, it’s useful in case you have already published testimonials on your site, and you don’t want to enter them all again. So, this allow you to decide the numbers manually.

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