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    Dean Ouer


    The recent upgrades states the following:

    • Fixed comment form title to display “Add Review:” on aggregate reviews.
    • Added function to change comment submit button to “Submit Review” on aggregate reviews.

    I don’t see any of this. No matter what I do, I only see an easily missed tiny “+” that indicates to a user how to add a review. And when that is clicked on you are taken to the comment section where I only see a small “Rating” next to the greyed out stars.

    And on my screen big Submit Comment box does not say “Submit Review.”

    Also, I now see two small boxes at the top of the post. One with a white background that simple says “Review.” And another with a grey background that is link, and says “User Reviews.” I don’t understand the purpose of these, especially since the “User Reviews” link doesn’t take me anywhere.

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    Hi Dean,

    These two updates are for:

    – The Comment Form Title, where it usually says “Add Comment”, but you won’t see it if you are enabling popup.
    – The Submit Comment button, also you won’t see it unless you are using the default WordPress commenting form.

    The small boxes are called tabs, when you click on the Reviews tab you should see the user reviews that has been submitted.

    I am not sure if there is anything wrong on your setup, but a link to one of your reviews will help me to check.

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    Dean Ouer

    -I am not enabling popup.
    -And I am using the WordPress commenting form.

    The problem I am having is that I cannot keep waiting for your replies – as I am actively trying to correct these issues and trying other plugins. So by the time you would click on a review, it will no longer be there. I am now building the site and things are changing very quickly. I cannot just sit and do nothing while waiting for you to respond.

    I wish you would allow us to upload images here – and I could easily show you screen shots. But here are some screen shots I have uploaded to a hosting site. Is this what it is supposed to look like?

     photo Hesh1_zpsde2cd254.png
     photo Hesh2_zps40b82ebc.png
     photo Hesh3_zps2f8222b1.png

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    Well… That’s why it’s recommended to develop on a test site (or Staging site) till everything looks good to move to the production site.

    The screenshots is not enough, I need sometimes to inspect the code on your live website to find out the issue. I can’t assist you this way.

    Another way for your to see how the plugin should look like is to check the demo site, here is a link to Product Aggregate Review on the demo site, you can compare it to yours.

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