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    Just starting a new blog but I can’t get the stars to show on my homepage(I have enabled the option in settings);

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    I can’t see the plugin output in your front page.

    Please check the settings again, make sure you enable it and added the required data.

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    Jamie Rose

    How long does it take for the stars to show on the search engines? I just bought the plug in and added it to my home page. I google my company and don’t see the stars but I imagine there is a delay?

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    Hi Jamie,

    I can’t tell, and probably no body knows how long it takes for Google to re-index a site and actually display the rating in search results, so it’s different from a site to another.

    Also so that you know, Google may not show rating on every site, I think this because their algorithm is so picky.

    Let’s give it some time, maybe a few days.

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