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    Bengt Erik Saether

    Congratulations, Hesham!

    You have made a very good plugin. WP Reviews can easily be the number one rewiew plugin (if it is not already) in a world where snippets are becoming increasingly important.

    One little problem, though. The symbols – stars and the thumb – are showing as expected in Chrome. Great!

    But I get weird symbols in Firfox and no symbols at all in Explorer.


    Is it me, or the plugin?

    Best regards
    Bengt 🙂

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    Hi Bengt,

    I appreciate your kind words. I really have big plans for this plugin, it’s not easy though, but let’s hope the best 🙂

    I am still looking into this issue, mainly it’s because the CDN, which change the path to Font-Awesome directory, so that’s why stars are not working properly. (it’s not something wrong though, and I think I can fix that).

    I’ve thought already about a couple of solutions, but it will take some time.

    I appreciate it if you can get me access to your site, this will speed the process as I can make changes to the plugin and test it by myself. If so, then please create a temp admin account for me and send it by email.

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    Bengt Erik Saether

    Hi Hesham

    I’m really sorry for the late reply. Stars are working flawlessly in all browsers now (I’ve just installed the latest update).

    Againg – thanks for a really great plugin 🙂

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    Glad to hear that 🙂

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