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    Fabian K

    Hi Hesham!

    Thanks (and thank you for your answer in WP mayor) – great plugin.

    After I installed the plugin and some tests with it I have some requests so that I can use the plugin productive.

    1) Can I display the ratings underneath (and not above) the content/article?
    2) Your plugin allows to set an image. My WordPress already allows to set an image for the content, and the image will be shown on for instance on the startpage of wordpress. My suggestion: The plugin is conntected to the featured image I already uploaded to wordpress. So I don’t have to upload 2 pictures.
    3) It is possible to deactivate the upload of pictures?
    4) It would be great to seperate the review-box and the pro/con-boxes. It makes more sense to me to display pro/con-boxed at the end of the article
    5) The design of the “top-rated-widget” is broken in my WordPress (looks really horrible) What should I do to fix it?
    6) It is possible to display only *recent* reviews with a rating *higher than 3.5* in my sidebar with the “top-rated-widget”?


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    No problem, and glad you like it.

    1) This is added in my to do list, actually I thought about it before, but I have to do some tests to see if this affects the flow of review markups. (good idea).

    2) Sure thing, this is probably going to happen soon (great idea). The only thing here is I will create a few new functions to manage images, I also think of adding feature to have a slider or a video instead of images in the rating box. So, I have plans for this, just waiting for the right moment (the right moment is when we are done with bugs and issues, then we can add new cool features).

    3) Simply, don’t upload an image via the review meta box, the image is not required for markups, but it’s used in shortcodes and widgets. (Anyways, we will solve this regarding to #2 above).

    4) Cool, that makes sense.

    5) This specific widget requires a space, full content width, I will need to see that though, not a screen shot, I need to see it live on the site to inspect styles.

    6) Probably I will leave shortcodes and widgets to the end, but I promise you will be able to do a lot with these.

    Wow.. I’ve got some great feedback here, really cool. (I appreciate it)

    P.S. nice site you have there.

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    Fabian K

    Thanks, I also really appreciate your help/support!

    Did you ever thought to implement Google Play, and iTunes-Store integration for reviews? This could writing reviews much easier, faster and more reliable to display product data, product pictures and user ratings. 🙂

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    Ah! This would be great, but it’s a lot of work, really 🙂

    Let’s see how things will turn out, I have big plans for this plugin.

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