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    Vaneet Singla


    Was really impressed by user rating module of WP Reviews but unfortunately same doesn’t seem to be working well with my theme.

    Went through support forum and now I have forced wordpress to load latest version of jquery (1.9.1) by editing my theme’s functions.php file, so jquery version shouldn’t be an issue. I have sent you an email with credentials, please have a look and help me sort out following issues.

    Theme agnostic issues (Have also checked on Twenty Twelve theme. Same issue continues there as well)
    1.) Look at ‘Hello World’ post, there are two reviews (User1 and Rater), both approved, both showing up in comments; however summary box is showing only 1 user who has provided a review. Overall rating is also different from what has been left by users (in fact none has left a 5 star)

    Issues with My theme
    2) Both sliders and rating options don’t show up for users regardless of whether (s)he is logged in or not.
    3) Summary box is broken, would request your help with what to change in CSS to make same work
    4) Ditto as above with recent reviews side widget as well. Arrow/bullet is not placed correctly.

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    Hi Vaneet,

    Thanks for your kind words, and glad you like the plugin.

    First, let me correct something, two possible scenarios to think of here:

    1) You don’t have to force your theme to load jQuery. If there is a conflict, you should then stop your theme from loading jQuery and load it via the plugin.

    2) If your theme is already loading jQuery 1.9.1, then you will need to disable loading jQuery via the plugin.

    – – –

    I see that some user rating is not calculated, have you clicked on the “Update User Reviews” button in the plugin settings?

    If it didn’t work, then I think you are having an old PHP version on the server you are hosting your site at, get in touch with your web hosting and ask them to upgrade PHP to the latest version.

    P.S. Let’s fix these issues first, then check how the Rating Box look like on your site (maybe in a new thread as this is not relevant to this thread) please provide a link to one of your reviews where I can see the issue).

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    Vaneet Singla

    Thanks for a quick response Hesham. Have updated user data and it did fix the user rating issues. Was wondering if it should rather be automatic/cron based as keeping it manual would mean i would need to update same every time a new review appears on my website.

    Creating a new thread for theme issues.

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    You are right, the cron feature is on my to do list to be release in coming updates.

    However, you don’t need to use the manual update every time, really. It’s required only when a comment is set as pending, or after you edit/delete a review comment.

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