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    Mut H


    Yesterday, I bought Author hReview(WP Reviews Plugin) and have a trouble in the setup.
    Stars can appear. But, sliders not appear in the comment form. I added custom criteria.
    I checked the support forum, changed default theme and php files, stop another plugin
    But, I cannot solve the problem.

    I want know workflow details to solve the problem. Please help me!


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    Hi, thanks for the purchase.

    It could be a conflict with the Theme or another Plugin, the first step will be switching to the default Twenty Twelve theme, if the user rating works, then you will know it’s caused by the theme. The second step is to deactivate all plugins, after that activate them one by one till you discover the one that is conflicting, then tell me which plugin is that.

    Mostly it’s a jQuery conflict, you will need to stop your Theme or plugin from loading jQuery and load the version that comes with WP Reviews plugin.

    Let me know how it goes.

    P.S. It’s a good idea to provide a link to your site, so I can take a look.

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    Mut H


    Thanks for the reply.

    I changed Twenty Twelve theme and stop another Plugin.
    I think that its caused by jQuery conflict. I want know workflow details on jQuery.

    Now, I cannot solve the problem. Thanks.

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    I am using:

    1) jQuery Rating Pack for (user rating)

    2) jQuery 1.9.1 , jQuery UI 1.10.3, and jquery.ui.touch-punch script for the range sliders.

    You can take a look at the [code title=””]user-rating-functions.php[/code] file that is located at wp-reviews/inc/user-rating/ folder.

    I’ve tried and still trying to clear the conflict, but it’s almost impossible regarding the way each Theme is loading their scripts.

    What was that plugin? and what’s the name of the theme you are using? please provide a link to your site.

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    Mut H

    Sorry, I sent a link on my site to your email.

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    Ok thanks. I think the plugin you are using is loading jQuery ver=1.8.3 so if you disable it or try to not load it, the WP Reviews will work.

    What’s the name of that plugin?

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    Mut H

    Thanks for the your reply.

    Now, I don’t use the plugin except WordPress Reviews. All stop plugin except reviews plugin.

    I try to changed the code on user-rating-functions.php.

    $(function() {

    But, I didn’t get good result… It’s same result.

    I also try upload WordPress Reviews on another website. sliders appear in the comment form.

    Sliders not appear on A sites.
    Sliders appear on B sites.

    How do you think?

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    You don’t need to change the code in the plugin in any way. Also, I can’t help if I don’t see examples on live (in production) sites, if you are testing things out (on a test site), then this is out of my support criteria!

    P.S. I’ve asked you a few questions before, you didn’t tell me what plugins you have installed on your site!

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    Mut H

    Thanks for the your reply.


    You want know installed plugins include stop plugins!
    Do I understand correctly?

    I installed the below plugins. Now, stop these plugins
    All In One SEO Pack
    Author hReview
    Breadcrumb NavXT
    Broken Link Checker
    Clean Options
    Contact Form 7
    Hello Dolly
    hReview Support for Editor
    Link Manager
    My Page Order
    Ultimate Google Analytics
    WP Customer Reviews

    I installed the below plugins. Now, delete these plugins
    My Review Plugin
    WP Review Engine
    GD Star Rating
    rating report
    rating widget

    I want know your workflow to solve the problem..
    Actually I am in trouble..


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    I’ve already shared a few things to do, so you can discover where the conflict coming from.

    Plan B would be giving me access to your site so I can investigate it myself. If you would like me to check your site, then please create a temp admin account for me and send details by email.

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    Mut H

    Hi, I try to test some things. I can improve the problem.

    Its caused by the “/” in Criteria of Review Setting…

    word/word is not ok.
    word is ok.

    If you use “/” in Criteria of Review Setting, sliders will not appear in the comment form.

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    I don’t understand what you are try to achieve. Why would you use a back slash anyway? Criteria should be one word (also for best display).

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    Mut H

    Criteria may be one word.
    In my case, I need a symbol like slash. But I changed to another symbol. It’s ok.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Ok, glad you worked that out.

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