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    hello Hesham,

    the Primary sidebar review widget is mixing up ratings from other posts.

    I have two posts (‘Online Werkplek’ and ‘ Werken in de Cloud met Google Apps’ ) and each post has only one user rating. The Review widget is showing:

    ‘Online Werkplek’ – with one user rating. (that’s good!)

    ‘Werken in de Cloud met Google Apps’ – with one user rating from post ‘ Werken in de Cloud met Google Apps’ and also one user rating from the other post ‘Online Werkplek’ (this is not good; it should only display one rating – not two).

    Have a look for yourself

    I have no idea how this happened; it was perfect before. I hope you can have a look at it.

    Genesis Framework Versie: 2.0.1
    Genesis Sample theme versie: 2.0.1
    PHP versie 5.4.23
    MySQL versie 5.5.32
    WordPress versie 3.8.1
    WordPress Reviews Versie:

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    Hi Marcel,

    Is these a test user reviews? Ca you edit one of those user reviews and change the rating from 4 to something else like 3 or 5 so we can see what is happening?

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    hello Hesham,

    those where my first real user ratings, but I can do a test with one. I changed the user rating from 4 to 5 on ‘Werken in de Cloud met Google Apps’

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      Thanks a lot, it turned to be a small bug. I’ve updated the plugin just now, please download version from your account and replace the old version you have on you site.

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    I did the update. My theme looks a bit messy after applying your update. Looks like it made changes to the the letter sizes and also background which now appears to be grey.

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      Which background? the main background of the site body?

      I see the background color is added via the theme itself, not the plugin, you have this in the theme style:

      body {background-color: #fbfbfb;}

      I am not sure about the letter sizes, but you can deactivate the plugin and see the difference to make sure.

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    By the way, I see also that you have WP Reviews version 1.1.5, this is not the latest version, the latest version is

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      Hello Hesham,

      I had to restore from backup so that’s why now it’s WPR version 1.1.5.

      Here are the screenshots I made before and after.

      Looks like the Widget problem is no issue in 1.1.5.

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    hello Hesham,

    I had to do a restore from a backup I created earlier.

    I now on older Wp review Versie: 1.1.5 which had no problems with the sidebar widget.
    I will post some screendumps I made from the theme layout before and after the update to show you what happened to the theme. Will post this within a couple of minutes.

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      Great, thanks.

      Yes, it turned to be some extra styles in the Bootstrap, I’ve removed it now and updated the plugin.

      Please, try the latest update and let me know.

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    Look much better, only now it’s displaying text ‘ Rated 4 stars ‘ before the stars within the Widget area. Also user comments are text added like ‘says4’. Did not tested the extra features Open in new window and nofollow.

    Screenshots are added here

    I restored the backup again so now it’s version 1.1.5 again.

    Have to go now so check your response later.

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