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    Just purchased the plugin set and excited to add it to my website. However, I am experiencing a problem (which i believe it to be very silly)

    My website is a user review website, meaning I only add content (companies) and users review it (anonymously) – a little bit like Glassdoor. After reading the documentation and testing all 3 plugins, I have seen that WP Rich Snippets plugin should be the one.

    However, I am experiencing the following problems:

    1. Criteria don’t show in the WP comment section, despite I have ticked “Enable user reviews for site visitors? (anyone can rate)” in the Rating section.

    2. It keeps showing the editor review (but I don’t want to review each item). The only plugin which allows to don’t show editor review is WP review plugin – Should I use them together?

    My ultimate goal is to have what you can see here in the comment section

    I am sure it’s something going in conflict either in WP or plugin setting.

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Luca,

    I recommend switching to the WP Rich Snippets plugin, there is an option to choose Type “Product” and review type “Aggregate”, which enables only user aggregate reviews.

    Please, refer to the plugin documentation.

    Also, feel free to submit a support ticket within your account and I will show you how it’s done.

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    Hi Hesham,

    I have solved the “user only review” by doing what you have suggested. However, there are still 4 major problems as of now:

    1. Name of the criteria do not appear next to the bar in the user review. The names appear only in the aggregated results.
    2. Once submitted a review (as a user) and have selected some criteria value, these don’t show up in the aggregated results. Just the name as above, but no value.
    3. Despite having selected “Hide author name on all reviews”, if I test as a user and submit a review, the name will still be shown. As I need users to submit anonymous reviews, is there a way around this?
    4. If I insert an image in the “Featured Image” section of the post, it appears in a extremely big size. Is there a reason behind it?

    You can have a look at an example page here:


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    I have submitted a ticket few days ago, after a first reply I haven’t heard anything back. I need the following:

    1. When a user submit a review I need it to appear as “Anonymous“; however, I still need users to register. Therefore the steps should be:
    – User either register or input name/email
    – User submit a review
    – Username shown is “Anonymous”

    I have seen that you released an add-on (…) but I don’t think this is allowing what I need, as it seems from the explanation that with this add-on, users don’t need to register to submit reviews. Please suggest.

    2. Names of the criteria do not appear next to the bar in the user review. The names appear only in the aggregated results. See screenshot:

    3. Despite having created 5 criteria, in the user section only 4 appear. (as a test, I created 6, but that time only 5 appeared). See screenshot:

    Note: I disabled cache (as suggested), I have tried to access my website on different browsers and on different computers. Problems still occur.

    Please let me know.

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    Hi Luca,

    I’ve fixed a criteria issues on your site.

    Also, the Anonymous add-on has been updated to include this feature.

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